My family was directly affected by the tax cuts and saved thousands of dollars. We are not rich. I was a small business owner at the time and there was a dramatic difference in how much I had to pay in taxes after that plan was implemented.

Executive Order to help fight mental illness:

Protection of free speech, which protects democracy and freedom of thought:

Improvements in insulin availability:

At least an attempt at lowering the outrageous drug prices that we pay:

Improving healthcare access to Rural communities:

A strong stance on human trafficking, which whether you believe or not, is a huge problem in the world, not just our country, and should be fought and punished aggressively.:

This is just a list of resolutions in the past few months. One Farmer voted for Trump because of how his policies benefitted him, while another farmer voted for Biden. Someone could’ve voted for Trump just because of a strong conviction about any one of these policies. Someone’s family could be dependent on the coal industry, and they voted for Trump because he is pro-coal. Whether or not coal is damaging to the environment or not doesn’t matter to a tiny town in West Virginia that is completely dependent on coal production to exist.

Some people deeply care about abortion as an issue and souly vote based on a candidate being pro-life, and that’s ok, that is their right.

Point being: there are a variety of reasons that people would vote conservatively, and very few of them have to do with racism. I fully agree that someone who is innately racist is more likely to vote conservatively, but that does not even mean the majority of conservative voters are racist, any more than it means the majority of democrat voters are communists.

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