The WHO recommends masks for people who have COVID, at risk people, and for healthcare workers. This is a direct quote from their website: "Non-medical, fabric masks are being used by many people in public areas, but there has been limited evidence on their effectiveness and WHO does not recommend their widespread use among the public for control of COVID-19."

Also a quote from the WHO site: "At the present time, the widespread use of masks everywhere is not supported by high-quality scientific evidence, and there are potential benefits and harms to consider."

Here is the site for your reference.

This is a quote from the Stanford article you referenced, and I CANNOT EVEN TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY, I'm laughing: "Other people feel that wearing a mask encourages people to touch their face and to loosen their adherence to other safety precautions like social distancing and hand washing. We’ve found the opposite. Wearing a mask reminds people to continue to be cautious. With a mask on, you actually touch your face less. ". I touch my face 100 x more wearing a mask. Also where are they even getting this information besides pure conjecture? Is there a study showing that people touch their face less? Everything indicates people touch their face more.

This article doesn't cite a single study, and cites WHO guidelines that say there is no good science to support mask wearing. Literally, hilar.

The NPR article uses the Lancet metanalysis of 172 studies. Have you gone through these studies? I have. Not a single one of them report that cloth masks, or medical masks are effective, only n95 respirators. Here is a quote from one of the studies that is supposed to prove that cloth and medical mask wearing works: "When we stratified by type of mask, we observed an increased risk for MERS-CoV infection among HCP who reported always using medical masks and, conversely, a lower risk among those who reported always using N95 respirators.". Here is the source:

The NPR article also mentions a family in China in which one person was ill and the rest of the family didn't get sick, and they were all wearing masks, therefore, masks prevent the spread. This is supposed to be scientific evidence? Well what about the families where one person is sick and no one else gets COVID and no one is wearing a mask? OR what about Autumn Burke, the CA Assembly woman or just contracted COVID despite mask wearing? Or the surging California COVID rates, despite Mask mandates, compared to States like Georgia that have no mask mandates? What do you make of those things?

Also, everything you've cited says that three layer masks, worn properly MAY help (without scientific evidence). Most people are not wearing theirs properly, don't have three layers of fabric, and remove and move them around constantly. It would require perfect use for a piece of cloth fabric to offer even the tiniest protection, if any at. all.

I have been through literally dozens of peer reviewed journals and have yet to find a single one that says a cloth mask blocks viral particles, so please come at me when you have a study that is actually worth something, and not a bunch of conjecture, or blatant lies that claim journals are showing medical masks work to stop respiratory illness when they in fact say the opposite. N95s only, all the literature supports this.

The science daily article you referenced is the same exact one mentioned in the original post that is again, an analysis of decreasing infections after shelter in places orders, but the decrease is somehow magically related to mask wearing. Also assumes that cases would have just kept growing in the same trajectory despite sheltering in place....i mean this "science" is so bad it's comical.

For good measure, here is a great podcast with a Canadian PhD and researcher who expresses his frustration about the farce that is mask wearing:

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